To-Do List

As I write the blog posts I often end up giving myself tasks to complete. Writing will sometimes prompt me to realize that there are tasks still to be done with a certain topic. I have decided to record these tasks here, and hopefully this will shame me into finishing the job.

  1. Finish the story of White Clover Dairy.
  2. Photograph the Baptismal Font in St. Francis Catholic Church, Hollandtown, Wisconsin
  3. Obtain the Postmaster records for L. H. Cook.
  4. Continue to blog and tell the story of Samuel Andrew Cook.
  5. Discover, if I can, what happened to Heinrich Kloefkorn. Did he die on the trip, or soon after landing in America.
  6. Who is Agnes Fassbender?
  7. Visit and photograph Trinity Lutheran Church in Ellington, Wisconsin.
  8. Create a Gallery of postcard images for the Tapper Building aka the German National Bank in Hammond, Indiana.
  9. Continue to blog and tell the story of Jacob Harrison Cook, and his life while living in Appleton, Wisconsin’
  10. Check the spelling of Sternitzky on my dad’s birth certificate.