Homemade Artifacts

Not all of my artifacts are new, or inherited. Some I made.

When I was pregnant with my second child in 1992, I began this cross-stitch project of Santa. I had it almost completed by the time he was born in October, and worked on it sporadically through the Christmas season, then life got busy. In 1993 we decided to design and build our new home. Needless to say, this, along with taking care of two children under the age of 5, plus my other jobs and duties, kept me very busy. As we neared Christmas of 1995, with plans for a large holiday party, I pulled it out, quickly finished it, and had it framed. It has had a place of honor in our family room since 1995. The only modification I made to the original pattern, is that I made sure that every family name was included on Santa’s “Good” list.Santa Claus